Process and Fees



Working with us to create your financial plan helps you identify your long and short term life goals. When you have a plan, it’s easier to make decisions that align with your goals. We outline 8 key areas of financial planning:

Income: learn to manage your income effectively through planning
Cash Flow: monitoring your cash flow, will help you keep more of your cash
Understanding: understanding provides you an effective way to make financial decisions that align with your goals
Family Security: having proper coverage will provide peace of mind for your family
Investment: proper planning guides you in choosing the investments that fit your goals
Assets: learn the true value of your assets. (Assets – Liabilities)
Savings: life happens, it’s important to have access to an emergency fund
Review: reviewing on a regular basis is important to make sure your plan continues to meet your goal

A Comprehensive Financial Planning starts at $1500

Initial Meeting: A comprehensive conversation about your goals, risks and resources.

Plan Presentation: A clear picture of how you are moving towards your goals.

Follow-up: This area is variable, and will depend on your personal situation. Follow-up may include a mix of a meeting, phone calls, emails to help you stay on track.